National Association of Division Order Analysts



Industry Leadership

As a leader in attempting to propose solutions to problems confronting the Division Order industry, NADOA works closely with other industry groups to identify mutual concerns, analyze problems, and recommend mutually beneficial solutions.

Local Support & Networking

The National Association of Division Order Analysts (NADOA) was created in 1974 as a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the highest degree of Professionalism, Technical Expertise, and Ethical Standards.

Education & Regional Seminars

Through our annual institute and regional seminars, NADOA strives to Provide Education, Facilitate Knowledge and Ensure Excellence for members while promoting communication between Division Order Analysts and their partners/customers in the energy industry, the government, and the private sector.

NADOA 51st Annual Institute

October 2-4, 2024

Omni Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, OK


I received my CDOA certification in 2008. It was one the best things I did as an analyst because I gained so much knowledge from taking the difference classes required for certification.

Linda Nodler was a wonderful instructor. She had a lot of knowledge that she articulated to the class. The CDOA manual was a good source of information and reference. I am proud to attach CDOA to my signature as notice of the high level of professionalism attained as a certified Division Order Analysts.

I would recommend certification to all of those who are not certified and is qualified to the take the certification exam.

Marie Andrews, CDOA

After I became a CDOA, my company, which is an operating company, recognized the value of supporting my interest in furthering my education and maintaining my certification by attendance at NADOA institutes. Attending a NADOA institute is truly the highlight of my work year. At institute, I get updated on industry changes and can meet, in person, the division order analysts that I work with regularly via phone and email. When I see the CDOA designation after a fellow analyst’s name, I know I can contact them for help or information and get an expert answer.

Angela Coady, CDOA

Having been an Analyst for only a few years, I was looking for an opportunity to set myself apart from other Division Order Analyst. I achieved that goal through earning my CDOA and not only gained credential, but also expanded my knowledge in areas that I may have otherwise not been exposed to. Being a CDOA also means that I maintain continued education which further allows me to build on my abilities and foundation as an Analyst. I found the study guide to be an excellent tool for the CDOA certification test and still use it as a reference when I come across unfamiliar issues.

Chris Anderson, CDOA

Becoming a CDOA is a great achievement for individuals in our business. Pursuing your certification demonstrates to employers that you are committed and dedicated to your profession. Additionally it confirms a personal desire to furthering your education and may give you the edge for more opportunities in your career. I know I have personally benefitted from this accomplishment; I suspect you will too.

Lynne McCord, CDOA

Our NADOA website is the best deal in the country. Not only do you get a current directory at your fingertips, but our past Institute journals, News Magazines, and CDOA manual are all available just for the price of membership dues.

Judy Moreland, CDOA

The NADOA website is great to connect with other analysts at other companies, especially for those of us in small, independent ones. I also find the M&A on-line book quite helpful when trying to determine whatever happened to “X” company.

Stephen Horgan, CDOA

The NADOA Website is a great source for Division Order information. Specifically, I frequently use the database of previous quarterly magazine publications, the membership directory, and the documents in the certification section. These are great resources for research, connections, and educational material. The best part is that I can access all of these things and more from anywhere!

Brad Brown, CDOA

The NADOA website is the place to go for tons of information, including upcoming educational events, the current membership directory, and the M&A Directory. The website is user friendly, enabling me to obtain information easily and quickly. Being slightly old-school, I tend to reach for the printed directories first, but then check the website for any updates. As a result, I’m breaking old habits and using the online versions more…

Carolyn Dean, CDOA

I find the NADOA magazine to be full of useful information. The Legislative and Legal Updates are great for a quick reference, to keep up to date and for descriptions of the upcoming Webinars, Seminars and Conventions information is also very helpful. It is interesting to see what other chapters are learning about and doing in the Counterpart Connection section.

Bernadette Foster

The theme of the NADOA News Magazine is ‘Growth Through Education’. Each issue confirms that this is indeed the main purpose of NADOA’s publication. The reader can find articles that examine and summarize the latest legislative updates that deal with the payment of production proceeds, as well as articles on the most recent developments in the industry, such as wind energy, the drilling and development of the Marcellus Shale, etc. The News Magazine also includes published papers that serve as instructional tools – for example, articles on Unclaimed Property, the Joint Operating Agreement, and Oil and Gas Lease Provisions. Several years ago, I was contacting various companies about our Annual Institute – I remember talking to one member, who told me that she did not actually work in division orders, but that she was an Operations Landman. She said that she joined NADOA each year to receive the articles in the News Magazine. Over the years, I myself have found these articles to be a tremendous resource in increasing my industry knowledge and developing my skills as an Analyst.

Donna Reeves

The NADOA News Magazine is a great resource! I enjoy staying informed, and having access to lots of helpful articles on the matters division order analysts face. As Advertising Chair for NADOA, I appreciate that our magazine is not overrun by ads, but does facilitate the advertising of helpful services and some of our greatest supporters! I also enjoy reading the President’s notes each quarter; it’s nice to know our leaders are so in touch with the members at large. The Institute Edition is priceless when it comes to planning your Institute schedule and activities. I am proud that we have such a professional, well rounded publication!

Dawn Podrazik