National Association of Division Order Analysts


What is a Division Order Analyst?

Division Order Analysts, like many other professionals, are a unique group of individuals for whom a job description is not easily obtained. The Division Order Analyst may be employed on a contract or permanent basis by a small independent, a major corporation, an oil and/or gas purchaser, a mineral owner or trust department. Furthermore, the Division Order Analyst may specialize in a particular geographic area or department. No matter what the duties, the Division Order Analyst is responsible in some manner for the proper distribution of revenues obtained from oil and/or gas production or other mineral deposits, which includes the ongoing maintenance of the mineral ownership of those wells. We possess a wealth of knowledge in land and mineral title work.


The National Association of Division Order Analysts (NADOA) was created in 1974 as a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the highest degree of: Professionalism, Technical Expertise, and Ethical Standards.


Through our annual institute and regional seminars, NADOA strives to Provide Education, Facilitate Knowledge and Ensure Excellence for members while promoting communication between Division Order Analysts and their partners/customers in the energy industry, the government, and the private sector.

Industry leadership

As a leader in attempting to propose solutions to problems confronting the Division Order industry, NADOA works closely with other industry groups to identify mutual concerns, analyze problems, and recommend mutually beneficial solutions.


We create the standard

in the industry and in our profession.

We are on the forefront

of legislation and regulation.

We set the standard in education

for oil and gas title by providing quality educational opportunities for our members.

We work together

across companies to share information to improve the business.

Management supports us

because we provide information and services key to the strategic planning of a company.