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Board of Directors

Committee Chair Location
Committee: President Chair:Michele Lawton Location: Houston, TX
Committee: 1st VP/Finance Chair:Norma Dooley Location: Fort Worth, TX
Committee: 2nd VP/Site Selection Chair:Vicki Danielson Location: Houston, TX
Committee: Treasurer Chair:Valerie Wible Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Committee: Recording Secretary Chair:Kim Bowman Location: Fort Worth, TX
Committee: Corresponding Secretary Chair:Jason Alexander Location: Houston, TX
Committee: Certification Liaison Chair:Yoli Bazan Location: Houston, TX
Committee: Board Advisor Chair:Lewis Box Location: Indianapolis, IN
Committee: Director - CAPDOA Chair:Michelle Harris-Fairclough Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Committee: Director - DALWORTH Chair:Megan McKee Location: Fort Worth, TX
Committee: Director - DADOA Chair:Sandi Rupprecht Location: Denver, CO
Committee: Director - HADOA Chair:Heather Lister Location: Houston, TX
Committee: Director - PBADOA Chair:Jennifer Oden Location: Midland, TX
Committee: Director - SADOA Chair:Sonya Turner Location: Tulsa, OK
Committee: Contract Employee Chair: Chris Tucker Location: NADOA